Wyoming (WY) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

When something goes wrong during your time in labor or when delivering your baby, those handling these situations could be at fault.  These mistakes with your child could lead to a brain injury, which could result in cerebral palsy.  Do not worry; you are not alone in this sort of situation, nor are you completely helpless.  A hospital doctor cannot simply mishandle a pregnant mother’s labor or delivery and walk away. A cerebral palsy lawyer in your state of Wyoming and tackle the issue head on.

Since your child is unable to fight for his or her own rights, you can do it for your child.  By hiring a cerebral palsy lawyer, you can bring a lawsuit against those responsible for the damage done to your baby’s brain and seek out payment for your child’s injuries.  The attorney you hire will first examine the kind of medical care you received both before, during, and after your baby was delivered in order to determine whether or not you have a valid medical malpractice case.

Your lawyer may examine several things, especially possible reasons behind the cause of your baby’s cerebral palsy.  Was there any kind of oxygen shortage at some point that doctor’s failed to recognize and treat?  Without proper amounts of oxygen, the brain can become damaged and could have led to your baby’s development of cerebral palsy.  Were there any genetic conditions that could have affected the blood supply to the baby’s brain that the doctor did not treat or inform you of?  Without proper blood supply to the baby’s brain as it develops, problems can quickly arise.

How was your baby delivered?  Sometimes if there is an emergency delivery with the use of forceps, the brain can become injured.  The same can be said of an emergency delivery through a c-section.  If there were any special tests performed after your baby’s birth, they could indicate that malpractice was present. These tests include an MRI scan, CT scan or brain scan, as these tests are not normally performed on an infant after it has been delivered.

As the case your lawyer builds becomes stronger, you might wonder if your lawyer will need or use testimony from a medical expert.  The answer to this is yes; having expert medical testimony will give your case even more strength.  All cases that focus on medical malpractice require the presence of expert testimony, especially when the injury is as complex as cerebral palsy is.  You will not be required to seek out a medical expert, but instead your lawyer will do it on his or her own.  Naturally, you can discuss the information with him or her and the expert will likely look at the case and your child in order to prepare their own assessment of the situation.  If you find the right Wyoming cerebral palsy lawyer, the experience they bring to your case will be an important asset, both inside and outside of the courthouse.

Medical malpractice cases take time, so do not expect this to resolve itself in a few months.  Your cerebral palsy lawyer will be patient with you and will assure you that time is on your side and eventually you and your family will get the kind of compensation you are due.  As long as you file your lawsuit within the time frame Wyoming has set for medical malpractice cases – including cerebral palsy cases – you are good to go.  Working with both your cerebral palsy child and trying to obtain compensation for his or her condition is no easy feat, but if you have hired the right Wyoming lawyer, the wait and the work could make for an impressive payout.

Do not waste any more time and start fighting for the rights of your child through your Wyoming cerebral palsy lawyer.  Gather up all the information you can to start your case evaluation right away and get on the road to a better life for your child.

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