Wisconsin (WI) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

With around 765,000 children and adults throughout the United States displaying one or possibly even more signs of cerebral palsy, the expenses coming and going through families and professionals to help people with cerebral palsy is extensive.  When someone cannot function in the same manner as the rest of society, he or she must compensate, but doing so often requires financial support.  The quality of life the person wants can be harder to acquire or continue.

When it comes to congenital disorders, cerebral palsy has the highest life-term costs.  In 1992 the cost was around $503,000.  As we all know, expenses have slowly gone up over the years, and in 2003 the cost was $650,000.  With a $147,000 jump over a span of 11 years, that turns out to be a rough $13,363 increase each year.  If you use those numbers, consider what the jump has been in just 4 years.  The cost now could be as much as $700,000, though the probability of it the number being much higher is extremely likely.

Because children with cerebral palsy will usually need assistance in order to properly work their limbs and practice regular movements, the need for physical therapists is high.  At least 84.5 percent of children will need to receive physical therapy around 6 times per month.  Other children (and many of the same children) will need to have occupational therapy to help learn and work within today’s society, which means having occupational therapy sessions around 5 times a month.  Children with cerebral palsy will sometimes be affected to the point of having impaired speech.  This means he or she will need to see a speech therapist and this will happen 5 times a month as well.  Approximately 37 percent of cerebral palsy children will do this.

The numbers are a lot to take in.  There is aid for families who have children with cerebral palsy, such as respite care, supplemental security income, and Medicaid.  But what if these programs are not enough?  What if there is no area near you for respite care?  Perhaps your Wisconsin home is in a smaller town with no services nearby.  The other two possibilities are federally funded and many of us know that the government is not going to send each family thousands of dollars each month to cover all necessary expenses.  What if you suddenly lose your job or some other large setback occurs?

This is exactly where your Wisconsin cerebral palsy lawyer comes in.  You may not be able to completely plan for the future, but if you are sure that your child has cerebral palsy because of a mistake made by a doctor or healthcare provider, you could be entitled to thousands or even millions of dollars in compensation.  Amounts awarded take into account past damages done to your baby, your family, and yourself, as well as future expenses you will no doubt be faced with.  With your lawyer, you can earn a sufficient enough amount that will allow you to worry less about your child’s future and focus on the present.

Bring your case to a cerebral palsy lawyer in your nearby Wisconsin area and find out what his or her law office can do for you.  The best part is that if you find a lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis, you will not have to concern yourself about expensive operating costs of having an attorney.  This can mean even less of a financial burden on your shoulders and you can focus with your lawyer on your child’s cerebral palsy case.  It was the healthcare providers that put your child and your family into such a position, so it is only right that they recompense you for their error, as it will have repercussions long into the future.  Start looking for your cerebral palsy lawyer now and begin your case for a more secure financial future for your child, as well as a good quality of life.

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