West Virginia (WV) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

Finding out your child has cerebral palsy is tough for any family.  Much of your financial income will go to that child by means of hiring professionals who are familiar with working with children who have cerebral palsy.  You may need a physical therapist to be sure your child gets proper exercise, or a speech-language therapist in case your child has difficulty speaking.  You will have to make changes and face challenges that come with raising a child with cerebral palsy. 

What can make this situation even worse is knowing it was preventable.  Preventable cerebral palsy cases are related to the doctors and other healthcare providers who failed to act in a necessary manner either before your baby was born, during the delivery or just after the birth of your child.  This type of medical negligence is fully subject to a lawsuit, something the right West Virginia attorney can help you with.  Once you find the cerebral palsy attorney in your area of West Virginia (you may have to look outside of your area if you cannot find any nearby), together you can work toward a reasonable amount of compensation from the healthcare providers on behalf of your child.

You might wonder what happened to your child either before or after his or her delivery and what doctors might have missed or done that led to cerebral palsy in your child.  There are many different factors, including typical risk factors that can indicate cerebral palsy odds; however, the initial cause may never be known.  This is true for most cases, so do not panic if you cannot remember every single detail of the time you were in labor or during your delivery. You can look over some of the possibilities below and discuss your options with your cerebral palsy lawyer.


Your West Virginia lawyer should be ready and willing to help you get the kind of compensation you deserve.  He or she should prepare the case as if he or she were going to go all the way to court, even if the attorney expects the case to settle out.  However, with a strong case and a strong will, even if you eventually settle, the amount you receive should be large enough to help you and your child for the future years to come.

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