Virginia (VA) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

Having a child with cerebral palsy can be a big challenge for any family.  You must find the proper care for the child during the early stages of his or her development and find ways to plan for the child’s future.  How severe is your child’s cerebral palsy?  How much money do you think you will need?  Probably more than you initially thought.  But if Virginia’s statute of limitations for medical malpractice has not expired (and you should check to see the specific limit, as Virginia’s may not be the same as other states in the nation), you could bring a lawsuit against those responsible for delivering your child.  This is if you suspect or have other reason to believe negligence on the part of a medical provider was responsible for the development of cerebral palsy in your child.

By seeking out a cerebral palsy lawyer in your particular area of Virginia, you could be able to obtain compensation for the mistakes made by doctors or other hospital staff during the management of your labor and/or the delivery of your baby.  When your baby’s brain is damaged, the problems can be numerous, ranging from mental retardation to cerebral palsy.  With cerebral palsy, your child could have problems learning, moving limbs, speakingand some with severe cerebral palsy may be confined to wheelchairs and need assistance when urinating or for bowel movements.

When you find your Virginia cerebral palsy lawyer, he or she will most likely focus on the personal injury law.  The personal injury law is also known as tort and will be the guiding law for your cerebral palsy case.  This is because the personal injury law is widespread, encompassing several other laws that are created in order to stop harm before it happens, or to provide compensation for harm that is done to a person or a person’s property.  Because your case deals with your child’s cerebral palsy, it will fall into the personal injury law, as medical malpractice or negligence both fall under the jurisdiction of this law.

Depending upon the extent of the cerebral palsy your child has developed, there are a few possible consequences for the doctor, other staff, or hospital responsible under the law your Virginia lawyer will use.  Some wrongs can be considered as crimes, in which case those responsible can be imprisoned.  This is unlikely to happen in your particular case.  Instead, the aim of tort law, as well as the aim of your lawyer will be to obtain compensation for your child.  This can provide you with financial relief, and in the long run, you will be able to properly care for your child and will be able to give him or her a long, happy life, while easing the challenges you and your family will have to face.

With an aggressive cerebral palsy lawyer, you can receive compensation that ranges well into the millions, as past families have received.  Your Virginia lawyer can seek damages in several areas such as a loss of earnings capacity, any reasonable medical expenses, and pain and suffering.  There are other damages you can seek, and you can talk them over with your lawyer in order to understand them better.  The compensation you receive does not only cover present losses, but can easily include any future losses that you might anticipate. This can be a huge benefit to you, your family and especially your child.

You child deserves everything you can possibly offer him or her.  Get yourself a cerebral palsy lawyer in order to give your child exactly what he or she ought to have.  Because of medical negligence, a life without cerebral palsy has been taken out of their grasp, so earning compensation on their behalf can give them back a little something in the form of extra help and support throughout life.  Start searching for cerebral palsy attorneys in your Virginia area and fight for the rights of your child. State Resource Links >> Find Information By State: