Texas (TX) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

Years ago you may not have given a second thought to the term cerebral palsy.  You may have heard it in passing for one reason or another, but never knew that it entailed, what it meant to the person who was diagnosed with it, or what it meant to their families.

But now your child has cerebral palsy or you suspect he or she might have it.  How did this happen?  You need to know all the facts about cerebral palsy. First and foremost, it is important to know that cerebral palsy is not a disease.  It is not restricted to Texas or any other state.  And most importantly, it may have been caused during the birth of your child.  You might wonder how such a thing is possible.  Cerebral palsy occurs when an abnormality forms in the brain of the fetus as it develops, or some kind of injury to the brain that occurs during the birthing process or even soon after that time.  Mistakes can be made by medical staff, such as doctors or nurses, that can cause cerebral palsy in children.  So now it is time for you to think – did something happen during the birth of your child that resulted in cerebral palsy?  Or was there something wrong earlier that your examining doctor did not detect?

Cerebral palsy is not any kind of curable disease.  It is a permanent condition that your child must live with the rest of his or her life.  If you have any reason to believe your time with the hospital was not handled in a correct manner or if you hired a midwife whom you believe did not deliver your child safely, you can seek legal counsel to seek reparations on behalf of your child.  The compensation you receive can be used for any number of things for your child’s benefit.

Getting help from professionals for your child with cerebral palsy can greatly benefit everyone involved, giving you information and getting your child active and stimulated to help with learning and mobility.  Physical therapists can provide structured exercise programs for your child that can help with strength and movement.  Orthopedists provide help in working with problems revolving around bone-muscle-tendon function, which is usually very important for children with cerebral palsy.  A psychologist can provide you and your family an outlet for dealing with the pressures that raising a child that has cerebral palsy can bring.  Seeking out a social worker can give answers to your questions about locations and other resources your family may need in regards to your child’s disability.  You can also get help from an occupational therapist so your child can perform better in school or at work.  For those who have children with more severe cases of cerebral palsy, a speech-language therapist can help your child communicate more effectively.  Your Texas cerebral palsy lawyer should have a good knowledge of cerebral palsy in order to present your case at its strongest.  He or she may even involve some of the professionals you seek help from.

Finding the right lawyer in your area of Texas may be a challenge and could take some time.  You may even have to expand your search to other Texas areas in order to get the kind of representation you want.  Once you find the right attorney for you, your family and your child, you can present your case and hear what your attorney has to say about the amount you could possibly get and what else might be needed in order to make your case stronger. 

Almost all medical malpractice cases will take a long time to go through before you receive anything, so you may want to look into attorneys that operate on a contingency fee basis, where the attorney takes his or her pay from the compensation you receive.  Be patient throughout all the time it takes for your case to go through; if you have the right lawyer, then he or she will stick with you no matter how long it takes.

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