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When you have a child with cerebral palsy, you may have noticed that he or she developed more slowly than a child without cerebral palsy would.  However, you probably have also noticed that your child was able to adapt in order to get his or her body to do what he or she wanted.  For example, even if the child could not figure out how to crawl, then instead, that same child may have realized that rolling along the ground will get him or her to the destination in mind.

Just like your child, you will have to learn how to adapt to life with cerebral palsy.  You may not have it, but you will have much to learn about how to take care of your child and figure out what specific types of help he or she needs.  Some children will need physical therapy to stimulate muscle movement, whereas others may just need some kind of daily exercise program.  You will have to stimulate your child mentally as well, and going outside is a great way to do so.  In that beautiful Tennessee weather, your child may enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, and you will have to be sure to stay aware of what your child wants and what his or her limitations may be.

Even if you master all of this, at the present you may be wondering what life might have been like if your child never developed cerebral palsy.  Or if you are reading this and are picturing future life for your child, as he or she is still an infant, you could be wondering the same thing.  What may be startling to learn is that your child could have cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice during your time in labor or as you were giving birth.  Doctors and other staff members who failed to provide you with the proper medical care could be directly responsible for the development of cerebral palsy in your child.

There are only estimates of the number of children developing cerebral palsy in this manner, though the estimate is currently that 20% of children that are diagnosed with cerebral palsy developed the condition because of mistakes during the labor or birthing process.  Your child may be part of that estimated 20%.  If that is true, you are entitled to a Tennessee cerebral palsy attorney and the right to show them your case.  By checking out potential Tennessee law firms that specialize in children developing cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice, you may find that your case is valid and you could then begin the process of obtaining compensation for your family and your child.

Usually doctors, nurses, and even midwives will provide the best care they can for their patients, but there are times when this care fails.  This human error may result in complications later on, and in this case, the development of cerebral palsy.  While you and your child can adapt, you may find it difficult to adapt financially.  Having a child with cerebral palsy will take up much of your time and any money you will be able to provide him or her for physical therapy, possible outside help, and other assistance you need to keep your child happy and healthy.  Finding a good Tennessee lawyer to present your case can result in a tidy compensation that could take care of all these things.

Many cases will settle before going all the way to court, but that does no mean the amount you receive will be paltry.  If you have a good attorney, your compensation can be in the form of thousands and even millions.  Mishandling a birth is a serious bit of malpractice, especially if it means your child develops problems such as cerebral palsy because of it.  Looking to receive compensation on behalf of your child is not wrong, nor should you feel uncomfortable putting a case against a well-respected and skillful doctor.

Start looking for your Tennessee cerebral palsy lawyer today and find peace of mind for yourself and your child’s future.

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