South Carolina (SC) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

Supporting a child with cerebral palsy can be tough. What is worse though, is having the feeling that your child has cerebral palsy due to a mistake made during either the labor process or during the birth itself.  That means someone, somewhere is responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy, or at the very least, neglected to notice something wrong with your child during his or her time in the womb that may have prevented cerebral palsy.

Mismanagement of a baby during the birthing process is an incident that happens more and more often.  Knowing your child now suffers from cerebral palsy due to medical negligence can mean you have a right to bring your case to a lawyer and directly to those responsible for the negligence. You may be able to recover a great deal of monetary compensation.  Before you start, you may have some questions that need answering, and the following may help in your understanding of your specific case in regards to your child’s cerebral palsy.

Do I have a malpractice case?  You will have to obtain as many details as you can about the medical care you were given at the time of your child’s birth, and possibly even before then, in case something happened before the birth that was a direct or indirect result of your child’s cerebral palsy.  There are many South Carolina attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice cases, as well as pharmaceutical liability law firms that might help.  Having someone with the right experience evaluate your claim can give you an early heads up as to whether you can and should pursue legal action.

How much will a lawyer cost?  Different law firms throughout South Carolina will have different payment methods.  There are some attorneys who work completely on contingency fees.  By using this method, the attorney will only take a certain percentage from the amount that you win from your case once it is finished and you pay them nothing out of your own pocket.  They try to provide you with little to no risk in financial matters and take care of everything themselves.  Other law firms may work different ways, so search out possible South Carolina attorneys in your area and do some comparisons before settling on a firm.

Is there a statute of limitations on my case?  Yes.  Every medical malpractice case does have a statute of limitations you will have to adhere to.  The difference is that each state will have a different limitation, so South Carolina may have a longer term than North Carolina, or vice versa.  The statutes may also change depending upon who the case has affected, as well as the type of facility that caused the injury.

Will my case settle out?  While settlement of a case is always a possibility, because you now have a child dealing with cerebral palsy, you will have extensive future expenses and should be more than willing to pursue an amount of compensation that completely covers the injuries to you and your child.  You will want an attorney willing to fight for you all the way, building the best case possible against the negligent hospital or hospital staff responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy.  With the right lawyer, you should receive a substantial amount of money that you and your child deserve.

How long will my case take?  This is one question that will not have an absolute answer.  Different cases have many various details, ranging from the severity of a child’s cerebral palsy to the extent of the malpractice.  Bringing a case to an attorney and then the hospital or doctor responsible will take time, so you should be willing to devote a potential number of years to the case.  It may seem long and draining, and many cases settle out of court, but as long as you get the amount of money you feel you and your child deserve, it could be very worth the effort.

Take some time to think about it and do some research on the particular South Carolina laws, limitations and attorneys available to you.  You may find your efforts landing you an eventual settlement that ranges in the millions of dollars, which will keep your child’s future secure for a long time. State Resource Links >> Find Information By State: