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Cerebral palsy: How much do you know about it? Do you know what it is? Do you know what causes it? Are you aware of the symptoms associated with it? Are you aware of the treatments available for cerebral palsy patients? Do you have children that you care for? If you have children that you care for but you said no to the other questions then you really should read on.

About 1,500 children of preschool age are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year in the U.S. So it is important for anyone who has children or cares for children to know about cerebral palsy.

 Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition. This medical condition is one in which the neurological functioning is abnormal; therefore, the afflicted person’s muscles do not work correctly. Most American children are not diagnosed with cerebral palsy until they are a few years old; however, it is possible for the diagnosis to be made when infants are as young as a couple of months old.

The signs of cerebral palsy vary from person to person. One sign can be ataxia. Ataxia refers to a lack of muscle coordination while voluntary movement is being made. Another sign can be spasticity, which refers to tight and stiff muscles, as well as overly- exaggerated reflexes. Walking can be also affected and a person who has cerebral palsy may drag a leg or foot while walking, have a crouched gait, walk on their toes or have a scissored gait. Speech problems, sensory information distortion, trouble with cognitive processes and seizures are also related to cerebral palsy.

Treatment is available for cerebral palsy patients. The treatment chosen will depend on the severity of the cerebral palsy and the needs of the individual. Some individuals who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy will need occupational therapy. Other individuals with Cerebral Palsy will work with a physical therapist. Many who have the medical condition will undergo surgery for tight muscles and/or anatomical abnormalities. Speech therapy or communication devices may also be needed. Many patients who have cerebral palsy need to wear a brace, use a wheelchair or a rolling walker.

Despite the many different treatment options, none of them can cure the cerebral palsy. Unfortunately people with cerebral palsy have to undergo treatment for their entire lives.

It is important to know about all of the causes of cerebral palsy, but here we will look at two of them. One is shaken baby syndrome. This problem causes brain damage that may manifest in the form of cerebral palsy. The other cause is complications at the time of birth. When doctors and nurses do not closely monitor the baby and mother, then complications can occur which can result in cerebral palsy.

If you have children or you know children who you suspect may have cerebral palsy, you should make sure that their physician evaluates them. The physician can determine whether or not they have cerebral palsy and what treatment should be given.

If the cerebral palsy was caused by the child being shaken as an infant or by the lack of proper care by doctors or nurses, then those who caused the medical condition should be held accountable for their actions. They should have to compensate the family for what they did.

Due to the high costs of medical care and treatments it is important for parents and guardians of children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy to know their rights when it comes to being compensated for their financial strife by those who have caused their child to have cerebral palsy. In this case it is wise to seek legal advice. If you live in Minnesota then you should talk to a Minnesota cerebral palsy lawyer/attorney. Your Minnesota cerebral palsy lawyer/attorney will be local for you, but they will also know all of the Minnesota laws concerning cerebral palsy. Your Minnesota cerebral palsy lawyer/attorney will help you to gain the compensation that your family deserves.

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