Idaho (ID) Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury, & Medical Malpractice Information and Attorneys:

If you live in the state of Idaho and have cerebral palsy, there is a good chance that at some point or another, you’ll need a good Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer. Although many people are wary of lawyers, whom they perceive to be dishonest or unnecessary, the truth is that a good Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer could be your best friend in the fight to end discrimination. There are many reasons why you may need an Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer.

First, it is important to understand the disease. Most people suffering from cerebral palsy understand their disease quite well, but if you’ve recently had a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you might still be looking for answers. There is no known cure for cerebral palsy— one can treat the symptoms, but not make it go away forever. There is also no single known cause for cerebral palsy. In more than 75% of all cases, there is no indication as to why the cerebral palsy developed. In the remaining cases, it can be pinpointed to a specific instance of infection, malnutrition or head trauma. Cerebral palsy develops always before the age of three and can occur during pregnancy or childbirth.

There are three main types of cerebral palsy, as well as mixed cerebral palsy, in which two or more types are found simultaneously. These classifications of the disorder are done according to what area of the brains is damaged. The most common type of cerebral palsy is spastic, which causes muscles spasms and hypotonia in the muscles. This accounts for 70% of all of the causes of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy patients range from high-functioning and independent individuals to those who need constant and life-long care. This depends on the treatment you are receiving and the degree to which the disorder has damaged certain parts of the brain. However, no matter if you are high-functioning or not, you deserve equal and fair treatment. This is where an Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer comes into play. If you are being discriminated against due to your cerebral palsy, you can file suit against the parties involved. Because of legislation passed in 1990, Americans with disabilities are granted the same rights as Americans without disabilities, and your Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer can help you present your case.

Most commonly, you will find discrimination in the workplace, so if you are treated differently from workers without cerebral palsy, you may have a case. If you can physically do the job, you cannot be turned away in the hiring process due to your cerebral palsy. Of course, if your cerebral palsy makes it impossible to do a certain job, you are not considered qualified, but your disease alone cannot be singled out as the reason you are not hired, as long as it does not prevent you from working. You can also not be discriminated against when it comes to promotions, receiving worker’s compensation, being trained, getting privileges and getting demoted or fired. You deserve the same rights as anyone else.

That includes special accommodations to enter your place of work. If you are wheelchair-bound, a ramp or elevator must be provided so that you can get to work on time every day. This goes for other public places as well. If your public library, for example, does not have a way for you to enter the building, this is discrimination. Your Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer can help you approach this problem legally. The same goes for public transportation. If your town has a bus system catering to the public, that bus system needs to include handicapped access so that you can take the bus if you want. Education may also be an issue. People with cerebral palsy have the right to a public school education, as well as entry into college, if they are qualified.

Because the laws surrounding handicapped individuals can get cloudy, you have the best bet at winning your case if you hire an Idaho cerebral palsy lawyer. State Resource Links >> Find Information By State: