Cerebral Palsy FAQ

What causes cerebral palsy?
Often the cause of cerebral palsy is damage to the brain sustained during the birthing process, which could be through malpractice or negligence on behalf of the hospital. However, in many other cases no cause has been identified. Sometimes, infection or illness in the mother during pregnancy can result in the baby having cerebral palsy. Many cases begin in the pre-natal period before birth.

What should I do if I notice any symptoms?
If you notice your child developing any of the more obvious symptoms of cerebral palsy you should contact your doctor and arrange to see him or her as soon as possible. Your doctor will be able to run the necessary tests to determine whether or not your child has cerebral palsy. He or she can also offer advice on the different treatments and therapies available, and suggest which combination will best suit the child.

What exactly is this disorder and how does it affect my child?
Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects certain parts of the brain, particularly movement, balance and posture. This disorder can result in a range of problems from movement and speech problems to vision and hearing problems and more.

Are there ways to prevent the onset of cerebral palsy in my unborn baby?
The best way to try and prevent this disorder in your baby is to ensure that you get quality prenatal care throughout your pregnancy and that you are careful about your health and avoid infections or illness wherever possible. Once your baby is born, the recommended vaccinations can help to avoid disease that can result in this disorder.

What if the cerebral palsy was the result of medical error but the hospital is denying responsibility?
Cerebral palsy is often the result of human error and malpractice, but this can often be difficult to prove. In addition to this, the hospital is likely to have one or more specialist lawyers working for them in order to dispute your claims and get out of making any settlement. You need to contact a specialist lawyer that deals with cerebral palsy cases, and will offer advice on what to do.

Can the disorder be cured?
There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but treatments are available to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disorder. The treatments combine both drug therapy and counselling in order to ease the symptoms associated with this disorder.

Will the cerebral palsy get worse as my child gets older?
No, this is a disorder that manifests within the first few years, and then tends to stabilize quickly. It is not known to worsen as the child get older.

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